Special Sitters

The options of special sitters include the following: Allowing your guest to bring their children with them can help make the decision to attend a whole lot easier. Great for Religious Organizations Care, Event, Wedding & More.

Job Description
The options of special sitters include the following
Religious Organizations Care,
Event, Wedding & More, care for by our attentive and nurturing sitters.

Agency Fee
For Events and Weddings, we require a security deposit.
$25.00 per caregiver minimum 4 hours
Agency pays sitter directly

Contact us by email or give us a call @ (832)324-5755, to arrange special event sitters, we look forward to helping your event be a blast.

Sniffles provides home care services for working parents. We started as Sniffles Sick Care LLC, in 2012 and in 2018 we extend our business and launched Sniffles Home Care to offer additional services, based on our family requirements. Please visit our service section, to learn more about the additional services.
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