Placement Fee

Replacement Guarantee

  • We offer a 4-months free replacement guarantee on your placement.
  • Individually Screened
  • Background checked
  • Fixed Sitter Hourly Rates
  • Easy Online Payment
  • Private Contact Information
  • Receive Profile caregiver information base on family requirements.
  • Process all new hire documents
  • We know ever family situation is different when it comes to finding the right person to meet the family needs. Our aim is to make things as flexible and convenience to meet your family needs. For those seeking a more customized caregiver matching services, please complete the registration profile form so a specialist can contact you for a one-on-one interview. For those who prefer a more do-it-yourself, the following options are listed below.
  • Do-it-Yourself Package: $295 (for one candidate)
  • Childcare References checked (up to 3)
    • Background check SSN check information and names associated with the SSN in consumer reference files, Multijurisdictional Criminal Records Database Search, and Driving History (driving record from the state in which the individual is licensed), US Department of Justice sex offender website search, DPS criminal record database, county criminal checks under all names in all counties associated with the person in the past seven years, and criminal searches under all names in each federal district associated with the person in the past seven years.
  • Nanny Professional Development materials covering Parent/Employer Relationships, Professionalism, Situational Role Playing, Physical Care, Domestic Tasks, and Resources
  • Consultation with http://www.householdpay/sniffles regarding nanny payroll taxes (optional)
  • Employment Agreement
  • Parent Handbook including: Interview Questions, Nanny Evaluations, Daily Log, Development Plans, In Case of Emergency Forms: Allergy/Medical Info, First Aid Supplies, Important Phone Numbers, Medical Treatment Form, etc.
  • Ongoing Support: advice on industry standards, proper protocol, employment questions.

Additional options include:

  • Each additional state (criminal + DMV): $85
  • Nanny Reference Checks: $135, includes 3 checks (additional checks are $40 each)
  • Nanny Personal Interview: $150
  • Urine drug test: $95
  • All fees are due when the screening request is submitted.

HomeCare Jobs

Get a job as a HomeCare Provider: Contact (832)324-5755 or Toll Free: +1 (888)448-4783
Sniffles provides home care services for working parents. We started as Sniffles Sick Care LLC, in 2012 and in 2018 we extend our business and launched Sniffles Home Care to offer additional services, based on our family requirements. Please visit our service section, to learn more about the additional services.
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