Backup Care

Even the best planned child care arrangements can be disrupted from time to time. If your provider is unavailable (due to illness or vacation) we will have your back. Contact us to verify if are part of your company sponsor program.

When do most families need Back-Up Care?

- When your regular caregiver is ill or temporarily unavailable.
- When you are between child care arrangements.
- When your child's school is closed.
- To ease transition back into a regular work schedule when returning from leave.
- To accommodate changes in flexible work arrangements.

Kids recuperating from surgery

We aim to ease some of the extra pressure so that you and your guests can truly relax and enjoy yourselves. Your little guests will be kept entertained while you enjoy a mixing and mingling with colleagues. By providing a selection of age appropriate toys, books, games and crafty activities to ensure that every minute that they are in our care is fun filled, entertaining, and welcoming.

It’s important to know your bases are covered and staffs are present. Mom and dads are sometimes faced with dilemmas of no childcare. Setting up an on-site Events Childcare can be a wonderful solution to making sure staff are available to work. Another great solution for working mom and dad, who homeschool. Many families are now homeschooling, and kids are traveling with their parents. If a service is not listed, contact us to discuss your options. 

• One to One Childcare / Supervision
• Religious Organization Care
• Slumber Party Service
• Breakfast Service
• Weddings/Hotel Babysitting
• Overnight Bridal Packages
• Children’s Birthday Parties
• And more!!!!

Interested in the service

Sniffles provides home care services for working parents. We started as Sniffles Sick Care LLC, in 2012 and in 2018 we extend our business and launched Sniffles Home Care to offer additional services, based on our family requirements. Please visit our service section, to learn more about the additional services.
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